Main points to remember for preventative pest control in winter

At that point when the spring and summer months at long last arrive, different types of wild creatures leave their hibernation spots. House owners begin to notice presence of wild animals and encounter pest problems on their properties. As a matter of fact, people face various pest control problems and other wild animal invasion during the warmer seasons, however winter time is likewise a season wherein your will encounter such pest issues. Hence proper measures have to be taken beforehand and work towards property protection.

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Actually, there are different types of wildlife that can in any case pose threat in our house during the winter and fall months. Hence it is suggested that you understand the importance of animal proofing your house and evaluate your property for animal invasion; especially opossums, bats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, rats and even snakes. Do take the time to read the entire article and note down these tips pertaining to winter pest control for property and house protection from wildlife.

For winter Animal-Proofing

One of the best ways to deal with home security from wild creatures is preventive maintenance. There are such a variety of things that draw in bats, raccoons and other pests to your backyard or house. For instance, one of the main reasons for them to invade your house is for shelter or for food. They require a spot to breed, feed and rest which is far away from cold and harsh weather.

Our storage rooms, outdoor sheds, crawl spaces, roofs, garages, patios and basements are right hideaways for such wildlife. When your house gets infested with any of these wild animals or pests, then you spend hundreds of dollars along with that will sleepless nights. So as to foil these sorts of pests from invading your house, few calculative measures must be planned and executed. This incorporates:

  • Lock up or dispose all garbage cans
  • Never ever leave cat or dog food outside
  • For interior inspection, would be better if you could seek help of reliable animal control company
  • Remove squirrel feeders or bird feeders
  • Follow these tips if you decide to travel for winter
  • Remove the trash every day, instead of pilling it
  • At night lock dog doors
  • Ensure your house is sealed tight (i.e. cracks in walls, loose roof shingles etc.)


Pest control in winter will definitely work if these methodologies and preventive steps are considered and practiced routinely. It is essential for house owners to employ these steps, if they happen to live quite near wooded regions. Bats, raccoons and various wildlife creatures are much smarter than what we think, especially when they find innovative methods of entering our house. They can bring about a great measure of chaos and harm that could possibly be secured in your property owners insurance policy.

It is important to stop creature intrusions before it starts getting serious. When you know wild creatures are going by your property, contact an animal control expert for possible service and advice. Find out from them if they can map an extraction plan for you.