Five golden rules to operate a startup

It is often said that a successful business is someone who has an idea that nobody else has. There cannot be a better apt statement than this. We are living in an era which is full of competition and risks. But these do not stop someone to invest money on what they desire to do. But is it wise to float a business before doing a proper market research?


Well, certainly not… It needs a lot of research and understanding before even thinking about a business. You also need adequate experience before you could handle a business in the market. So, it important to work in the industry before you actually jumps into the business. It does not only give you experience but also prepare you for the market. So what are the best business ideas that you can cash upon? There could be plenty, but here are the top five business ideas today in the world.

Apps for Kids

We know that almost three quarters of the kids in the world now has access to the smart phones. The time has changed and we often see that the kids are very frequent and comfortable to use smart phones. This has become the biggest market opportunity. Apps are common but Kids friendly apps will be just apt for the situation. However, the apps must promote smart education or better health or similar tutorial things for the kids. It will win over the parents as well.



We have seen that wastes are recycled and used for multiple purposes. But this is not the business idea; I am talking about as this has become very common nowadays. I am talking about the recycling of the E-Waste or left behind electronic items. This is slowly picking up in the market and becoming one of the biggest markets in the world.

Mobile Salon

Who does not love to have top class personal care? But if they get it at home, then it will be just awesome for everyone. One can have a luxury salon at a popular marketplace in the city, but you can just have a mobile salon which is located at your home but just moves to the customers place whenever required. The mobile salon is getting popular everyday and business opportunity can be sensed.

Business Services

The recession has changed the model of business in IT and that has created a new source of opportunities. The major IT firms are looking for small and non-core service providers who can provide service for healthcare, human resources or similar stuff. This could be an ideal beginning for a business.


The internet is now the biggest marketplace and despite multiple e-commerce services, it is the one of the best opportunities that can be looked for. The e-commerce can be started with small initiatives and less capital and can be grown slowly and steadily.

The business ideas can be very fruitful for any aspiring entrepreneur. However, like I said before if you have an idea which no one else has, then you have got the business secret.